CloneKeen - the free-software Commander Keen 1-3 clone


The free-software Invasion of the Vorticons clone

Latest version: 8.4

  • This is a very nearly complete clone of one of my favorite classic DOS games, Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons by ID. The game is written in pure C, uses SDL, and is generally very easy to compile on most platforms.

  • CloneKeen is free software, and the source code is available under the GPL.

In addition to emulating the gameplay of the original Commander Keen games, CloneKeen has some extra features which weren't present in the original game. You can play with 2 people, there is a built-in level editor for creating and sharing your own user maps, and there are some for-fun options such as Fully Automatic Raygun, and alternate gamemodes such as "increase difficulty", or "must kill all Yorps before exiting level".

Thanks to people from around the 'net a growing number of systems are supported. CloneKeen is known to run on the following platforms:

  • GNU/Linux, BSD, and other UNIX-like flavors
  • Haiku OS (and probably BeOS also)
  • Various editions of Win32, such as Windows XP
  • Mac OS X

  • GP32X
  • Symbian OS cell-phones
  • Sega Dreamcast

CloneKeen ©2003-2016 Caitlin Shaw