CloneKeen - the free-software Commander Keen 1-3 clone


CloneKeen is distributed primarily in source form. Don't worry, compiling it is almost always super-easy. If anyone wants to create precompiled binaries or packages, I will distribute them here.

This source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. Also, please let me know if you make any changes to the program or port it to a new platform; I love to see what people are doing with it, and maybe I can incorporate your improvements back in here.

  • CloneKeen 8.4: source code and data files for all platforms.

  • CloneKeen Haiku: prebuilt binaries for the Haiku operating system.

  • win32.cpp: for compiling on Windows, please replace platform/win32.cpp with this file; the one included in the package is broken. I will do a proper re-release w/ version bump later.

  • Makegen - for serious development, you might want this. This is what I used to generate the Makefile and all the .fdh headers (not required if you only want to install the game).

In addition, you will need the files from one or more episodes of the original game. Episodes 2 and 3 are not required to run the game, but episode 1 is, even if you only intend to play one of the registered episodes. You can download the shareware episode from Apogee, or use this mirror link.

After installing your Commander Keen episode(s) in the normal way, simply copy all files from their installation directory into the provided "data" directory, which is inside the "bin" directory in the above archive. See How to Install for details.

CloneKeen ©2003-2016 Caitlin Shaw